Carpet Installation

Carpet Installation (Coming Soon)

If your carpet starts to unravel at the seams, is shedding or has experienced water damage, it’s time to replace your carpet. Carpet that has begun to unravel and come loose is both potentially a safety hazard and an eyesore. Shedding or sprouting of fibers is normal after a new installation, but if you’ve had it for 5-10 years, it may also be a sign that it’s time to consider new carpet. Water damaged carpet can permanently stain, grow mold and mildew and leave an unpleasant odor. Our professional carpet installers will remove your old carpet and install your newly selected carpet.

To maintain the appearance of your new carpet, we recommend you vacuum it at least twice a week using a vacuum that’s been certified by the Carpet and Rug Institute. Clean spills promptly by blotting the area with a cloth and warm water—avoid rubbing the spill. We also suggest having your carpet professionally cleaned by Rug Wranglers every 12-18 months.



Why Choose Rug Wranglers?

There are dozens of home cleaning solutions and retail products designed to clean hardwood floors. While these products can provide short-term results, they can also cause unseen damage and allow residue, dirt and grime to build-up over time. A periodic professional Wood Floor Cleaning is the best solution to protect and enhance your floors.

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